Scabies in rabbits

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Scabies in rabbits 

Scabies is a common problem in creating rabbits, so you should stay tuned to the classic signs of this disease. Time to get your friend or even day-to-day you must watch!

There are two main kinds of mange that affect rabbits: the ear and sarcoptic mange. Both caused by parasites, the first of which caused by Psoroptes communism and the cuniculi Chorioptes, and the second caused by the mite Sarcoptes scabies var. cuniculi.

Auricular scabies 

This disease is characterized by rapid contagion among animals. Parasites that cause it are located inside the ear, reaching the deepest part of the skin.

Auricular scabies are first observed by intense irritation in the ear of rabbits, then the presence of inflammation and the formation of a thick secretion, which in time form crusts or scale brown color occurs. These crusts are adherent to the inner ear and can close the ear of the animal entirely.

What are the signs of this disease? 

- Incompetent animals;
- Emagrecimento fast;
- Animal tilts his head to the affected side;
- coçam with paws the affected area;
- In advanced cases can find blood and pus with the foul odor;

How to avoid disease? 

Various preventive measures for no infection and spread of the disease shall take. Among them:

- Hygiene cage, pots of food and water, and all that is in contact with the animal;
Careful not to get sick animals;
Quarantine of animals-how acquired, i.e., let them depart from the others for a period to see if the same show signs of the disease;
-Monitoring the animal to the vet doctor regularly;

If any animal has the disease, it must be separate from the others until it healed, and the same cage and utensils should be disinfected and flamed.

For the treatment of the disease, Coelhomania recommends looking for a veterinarian to examine the same and provide the proper treatment for your friend!

Cuniculi penetrates deep into the skin, causing injuries on the muzzle and legs first and then these lesions can proliferate to the rest of the body. The lesions characteristic of this disease is the formation of scabs in the mouth and around the eyes and nose as excellent as the legs, in severe cases can reach the genitals.

The difference between scabies is the site of action of the agent while the site of this action is the animal's body, the ear manages the affected site is the ear.

The events begin with the bite of the parasite, which causes irritation and leads to the appearance of a liquid that dries and forms crusts on the affected area, typical of yellow-gray color.

What are the signs of this disease? 

- Emagrecimento due to the difficulty ingesting food when there is damage in the mouth
- Difficulty breathing, when there is the presence of lesions in the nose of the animal
- No onset of disease can be noted a white powder in the animal nose and nails due to scratching region.

How to avoid disease? 

To prevent the onset of disease occurs the same prophylactic measures cited for auricular scabies should take.

For the treatment of disease Coelhomania indicates that the owner consult a veterinarian, because only even know what is the ideal treatment for your mini rabbit. It is noteworthy that both scabies can treat if diagnosed on time, so it undertakes a crucial periodic review of his friend!