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A) About Horses.

1. These are 5 most common pathologies of horses :

Colic: it is a acute gastrointestinal problem. Some colic signals are uneasiness, horse tend to bite at their stomachs, roll in their stalls and refuse to eat, constipation, tachycardia. Colic is a veterinary emergency, without attention, it can be mortal.

Laminitis: the hoof of the horse is one of the most sensitive area in these animals. Laminitis is a several diseases and affect the hoof. The hoof have a digital lamine which are attached to the hoof wall and to the coffin bone. When horse have Laiminitis, the digital lamine is inflamed. Horse have difficult to walk, and a lot of pain. Clinical signs include lameness, inflammation, and increased temperature in the hooves.

Equine Influenza: is a viral deseases very contagious infection of the upper respiratory tract. Equine influenza presents with fever, dry coughs, increased mucus production and despondency. It isn't dangerous if the veterinary control it in the right time.

Tetanus: tetanus is caused by a bacterial toxin found in the soil and in the feces of horses which affect the tissue across of wound. One symptom is rigidity. Tetanus can be mortal, but we can prevent with a vaccine.

Equine Encephalomyelitis: it affect the nervous system and the cause is a equine encephalomyelitis viruses, which are carry by mosquitos . Signs include depression and a high fever, followed by a period when the horse appears blind, nervous and uncoordinated, with muscle tremors, and eventually, complete paralysis. We can prevent with a vaccine and a good control of the mosquitos.

b) http://www.rabbit.org/ 

I choose this page because it have a lot of information about the rabbits, like videos, care, behavior, health adoptions and a lot of thinks more.  For example, the page have a section of a center where the people can rescue rabbits.