Chickens and more chicken pox

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Not again . It can't be. Yep it is. More chicken pox. So I thought both the boys had the chicken pox over christmas and it was all over and done with. NO wrong ! Finley had chicken pox over christmas, Charlie has chicken pox now. Another week in isolation. Well at least until Charlies pox scab as thats when he is no longer contagious according to dr internet. With beach plans for today and tommorrow definatley cancelled. Birthday party plans for saturday will most probably be cancelled too. The positive is he doesn't have many and doesn't seem to bothered and when they do scab over I can be sure there will be no more chicken pox for us. Thank goodness.  Can't wait to get back into playcentre and join the local playgroup so that i can get to know some more mums closer to home. Giving them all the chicken pox probably wouldn't have been the best first impression . 

  Chicken , I did say i'd write about our chickens too.I am in the process of figuring out who's a he and who's a she. Yes if I were an experienced chicken rearer I should probably have been able to figure this out before, perhaps when they were 1day old. Alas this is my first time so i'm still here trying to figure it out 5 weeks later. Again care of the internet I have learnt boys have bigger stronger taller legs, a bigger comb and they are more aggressive! I think trying to take this photo was a pretty good indicator nice hen hiding on one side of the shot and cocky cock trying to attack my camera on the other side of the shot. In my defence there are 4 differnt sorts of chicks in the same box which makes it a bit trickier to compare them. The next thing I need to do is figure out when we have to start executing the boys so they don't all beat each other up. The chicks now spend days outside in the chicken run which they are absolutley loving. The two older hens outside are not too happy at the moment and have both stopped laying and coming out of there box. I am suspicious it has something to do with a certian Dog. 

Mentioning that certain dog. I have to confess i'm seriously thinking we may have taken on more than we can handle. She loves going to the beach , all beaches in the rodney region are dog free all summer. Oh correction you can take the dog before 7am or after 9pm , don't think so somehow. She still runs at the sheep occasionally. She chases the chickens. She barks when ever the neighbours walk to their trampoline and runs to their proprety to bark at them. I know I know she is a very smart dog and is only misbehaving because she is bored, and she is probably very trainable. Problem is I don't think I have the time to train her . Maybe i'm just being mean but I don't feel that she is very happy living with us and I feel that I spend most of my time hollering at her to come back while she ignores me and runs of to do what ever she wants. A local playcentre mum has mentioned that she will take her if it gets too much for me. If Izzy moves there she will be a working dog to replace the 17yr collie that currently works at that families farm. Emotional me thinks ohh but she's our dog and we love her, sensible me thinks she'd probably be much happier with a job to do and at least we could still visit her....... 

So that's my exciting week, more chicken pox, sexing chicks, thinking about the dog and lastly building a garden !! which I should go and get into now before the day heats up to much and while Charlie is still napping.