Rubella Vaccine effective to prevent rubella virus

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The rubella virus is not a type of malignant therefore do not require special medical attention from a doctor. You can relax at home and do a few simple steps. The aim is not to accelerate the healing of the rubella, but powerful enough to relieve the symptoms caused by the virus. Here are some simple steps you can do.

  • Rest as much as possible to conserve energy is drained from the virus.
  • To prevent dehydration should increase the consumption of water.
  • To reduce pain and fever you can consume paracetamol or ibuprofen. The drug is effective to reduce the heat and relieve pain in the joints.
  • Drink warm water mixed with honey and lemon to relieve sore throat and runny nose.
Vaccination is a way mencegahan infected with rubella disease most effectively. Especially for women who are planning a pregnancy. Rubella vaccine effectiveness can be seen from the success of the people who receive it. About 90 percent of people who receive the vaccine will be protected from rubella. Prevention of rubella incorporated in the MMR combination vaccine also prevents measles and mumps. The rubella vaccine is one of the vaccines required to be received by the children in our country. The time of receipt of this vaccine is usually when children aged over 3 months of the year. The vaccine is given again when children are aged 6 years.
rubella vaccine
Rubella vaccine is used
For women who will be planning to have children should check themselves first through blood ters. The test result will be known whether the woman has immunity to rubella virus or not. If you do not have immunity to the virus, doctors will recommend to receive the MMR vaccine. Stelah given the vaccine, the doctor will tell you that the woman must wait at least four weeks in advance before planning a pregnancy. And to keep in mind as well, the vaccine may not be accepted in a state already pregnant because it may harm the fetus.

In addition to vaccination, note also how to prevent the transmission and spread of rubella. Such means include:
  • Should avoid contact with people who have been exposed to rubella virus as easily transmitted through contaminated air due to the virus coughs or sneezes. Especially for pregnant women who have not received MMR vaccine and people with weak immune systems.
  • Provide separate rooms for people with rubella so that the virus does not spread kamana everywhere and in contact with the patient can also be minimized.
  • Always wash hands before eating, after traveling, or if it comes in contact with the patient to the risk of rubella virus infection can be reduced.