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So from reading farther into the book so far, I have found out that there are more viruses like the Ebola. In fact there are two different strains of the Ebola virus. One is named Ebola Zaire, and the other is Ebola Sudan. These viruses belong in their own category called filoviruses. They are viruses that are shaped uniquely compared to other viruses, They are in teh shape of long stretched out thread like structures. Also another virus that belongs in this group is called Marburg. It was first discovered in 1967 in Germany, the effects of Marburg are similar to that of Ebola where internal hemoraging was very frequent.

But from reading so far, I can say that these three filo viruses that I know of have similar effects on people. The hemoraging of the body seems to be the biggest factor in common. However I also found good news while learning about these viruses and how there were more of them. There are only three strains, and they didn't originate in America, so the chance of me catching the virus is very slim. However if I do somehow encounter one of these viruses.. I probably wont live. The Zaire strain of Ebola kills 90% of all infected, Sudan kills about half of the infected, and Marburg kills about 25% of infected. So all in all, it's still a pretty scary thing.