Roll Roofing- Installation and repair

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Roll roofing is not a technical term used by the professional roofing contractors or roofers and manufacturers. The name is derived by the house owners, commercial customers based on the material structure. Anyways the name became so popular that some people don't know the technical term "roof underlayment" is roll roofing.

Many people want to install roll roofing due to the fact that roll roofing is an inexpensive alternative for many roofing needs. It is much more convenient and easy to install than other roofing choices. If you want to install roll roofing, then you will be pleasantly surprised to know that there is only one sheet of roll roofing needed, compared to three layers in other roofs.

If a roof is almost completely flat, then it is recommended that you use what is known as double coverage selvage. Before you install roll roofing, you should understand that this type of roofing is more delicate than other roofing materials. In fact, if the weather becomes too cold, it may crack or become damaged. Best results are achieved when it is installed at temperatures of 45 degrees F or above. If you wanted to install roll roofing in a cold climate, you can successfully accomplish this, as long as you warm the roof rolls first.

It is very important before you install roll roofing that you make sure each piece is completely flat and smooth. If It isn't, or if your roll roofing has a dried puckered look or is curling, then you will need to straighten it.Installing roll roofing is so easy that just one or two people are needed to complete it. You can run the roll roofing either horizontally or vertically. Vertical installation is the best option on really steep slopes. Either way, the seams need to be overlapped by 2 inches and sealed with roofing cement.

You can accomplish this by straightening out the pieces, and then cutting them into sheets that are between 12 or 18 feet in length. After you successfully cut the pieces, you can stack them so that they will dry. It should take anywhere between sixty minutes to one hour for your cut pieces to return to a completely flat state. Roll roofing is a suitable choice for roofing material because it can last between 6-12 years. It is made out of the same substance as shingles; asphalt coated fiberglass or felt. IT installs with very little effort and in an expedient manner. If you want to re roof a shed, the choosing single layer roll roofing is recommended. You can use single roll roofing on a roof that has a flat roof, not one that has an inclined slope.

Roll roofing is made of similar materials as shingles, but it is cheaper and easier to install. Since it is not as attractive or as long lasting with only a 5 to 12-year life span, roll roofing is generally used on flat roofs, sheds, or areas that are not seen. Roll roofing is quick to unroll, which is why it is cheaper and faster to install.

Roll roofing does have some disadvantages. One is the shorter life span. Another is the single layer of protection that it offers as opposed to three layers when you use shingles. It is also more susceptible to cracking in temperatures below 45 degrees. You must carefully sweep the roof to keep small sticks or rocks from poking through the roll roofing. The last inconvenience is having to use roofing cement to seal the seams and nails.