Is my influence going to continue to be as prevelant as the boys grow?

We have yet to see!  One of the things I adore about the mishap our lives have taken with me now being a single parent is that we have been able to capitalize on an absence that has been a contentious feeling for my boys for years.  Because they don't see their father very often, we have had the opportunity to grow our relationship as mother and son.  I've had to assume the role of daddy, while still being mom.  Although it's difficult at times, it's an experience I wouldn't trade for the world.  I have become their confidant and it's an interesting place to be with boys becuase I don't know how to teach them to be 'boys', but I do the best I can with what and who I have around us.  Because we are so close, they are very much influenced by my opinion and while that can be beneficial, I want to teach them how to consider every option before making decisions and understand the consequences of those decisions, whether good or bad.  In many ways I guess I'm trying to teach them to be analytical thinkers at a very young age and stand firm in what it is they beleive in.  Right now, it's a comfortable relationship I think will only increase as they get older, but more importantly, we've established a parent/child relationship based upon love, rather than judgement of one another, therefore they feel at ease when we talk and are able to have open discussions.

The areas in which I am most controlling are absolutely their academics and their behavior.  We will not behave as if we're common nor will we forfeit the opportunity to receive a quality education.  Having been strick with the boys in regard to the attention they give to their studies, Elijah has achieved the Principal's list each quarter since 1st grade through 3rd grade.  Further, his commitment to being well read has been of great benefit to Jeremiah as well.  There is a constant sharing of information and it has paid off with Jeremiah being ahead of the game for Kindergarten.  At this juncture in their lives, there isn't an area where I can readily admit to being less controlling simply because they are still quite impressionable and for their development to progress as I'd like, I'm not at a point where I can really be hands off.  From the food they each, to the clothes they wear, to the books they read, each is integral in the comprehensive backgrounds I'd like each of them to possess.