Diagnosis Update

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Hi folks.

Last Wednesday (5/27), we met with doctors at the UW Medical Center to hear the results of Brian's biopsy.  There was hard news and hopeful news.  In the spirit of our approach to this whole experience, we're choosing to stay positive. As Yoda says, "Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering."  We're choosing love and light and positivity.

The hard news: Brian's tumor was diagnosed as brain cancer. It is a grade 3 tumor (on a scale of aggressiveness from 2 - 4).

·         Note! Please be careful in Googling brain tumors in general as there are lots and lots that all act differently.  Keep in mind, as one doctor told us, Brian's brain tumor is unique to only him and the names/grades/statistics are simply categories.

The hopeful news: Of the grade 3 tumors, research shows that Brian's is one that can respond to treatment. Due to the location of the tumor, it is not surgically removable. The goal is to stabilize or shrink it so that the tumor stops growing and Brian can continue as himself. The tumor will always have to be tracked.  We have an amazing team of doctors working for and with us at UW and Seattle Cancer Care Alliance and we are incredibly confident in their abilities.

The plan: The doctors have a very clear plan for us.  We are looking at about a year of treatment. He will have 6 weeks of radiation starting within 2 weeks, a 4 week break, and then up to 3 rounds of 4-6 week chemotherapy treatments.

Support: We will need you! We will need your continued positivity, hopes, thoughts, prayers and messages. We will need rides to the doctor, food (in moderation) and visits in the backyard. We are so thankful for the wide net of support we have, and although we may not have returned your emails yet, we deeply appreciate your thoughts and words.  We are really lucky people and you fill us with love.

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Lots of love to all of you,

Kim and Brian