Jeff Robinov Considering Film Fund, Shingle at Sony Pictures

Source:  Jeff Robinov Considering Film Fund, Shingle at Sony Pictures    Tag:  shingles pictures early stages
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A west bank and dune capital management to consider says Steven Mnuchin, chairman of the joint venture, and has worked with director Michael linton and Amy PASCAL, SONY is reported. Sources tell varieties of talks is in the very early stages, only one is considering many options.
This is not surprising, robin, who is looking for can use the "gravity", he made great success, meet the person, he can in Hollywood, he calculated his future after moving away from Warner Brothers movie studio chief in June. Although many people believe that he will eventually in the 20th century fox, perform the role of is is negotiating with Jim Gianopulos.
Any new financing, SONY will come to studio close a three-year financing agreement of cooperation, will lead to between $, $3 million and $35 billion in equity, studios and potential credit and blue anchor entertainment.
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Robin's relationship between producer, and the king "infernal affairs", "city" and "ARGO" at Warner Bros.
Before he left for Warner Brothers, robin's unable to start your new job, until mid-november.
SONY declined to comment. No comments of robin's king.